Global Server List (Update 2-5)

Hello Community,

Now I can put you all together on one list. In the current version 2-5 I have now made it possible for everyone to host their own match. This match is networked with Cybertronic and displayed in a global list for every Cybertronic player in the Main Menu.
For the server list I use a paid cloud service from the great guys who develop the open source project Mirror Networking for Unity, which I also use in my project. This cloud service costs $ 20 a month, and that's okay. The Mirror team and community is great, so it's worth giving it a try. A friend and I have been developing our own global server list for a while, maybe we can get it done this year.

In addition to the global server list, a second gunship was added to the level to analyze battles between these two. We have to get sure if it has to run smoothly, as more usable spaceships are planned.

As long as no serious bugs are reported, it is time to make the game looks more nice. More of this in a later Devlog.

Have fun :)

Anton aka Spyjack

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